Medical School Interview Preparation

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Interview Preparation

Preparing for your medical school interview is the last step to becoming a future doctor. Dr. Shallit provides both general interview preparation as well as MMI interview (mini medical interview) preparation. While some consider medical school interviews to be the most strenuous part of the entire application process, Dr. Shallit offers medical school interview preparation to ensure that is instead the most fluid.

Traditional Medical School Interview

Dr. Shallit will take you through a mock medical school admission interview. He will ask you all the questions an applicant can expect to be presented with during the actual traditional medical school interview. During the mock medical school interview process Dr. Shallit will make notes on all the answers you give and evaluate your overall performance. Once the traditional medical school interview has been completed Dr. Shallit will provide a written summary accompanied by exhaustive explanation of your strengths and weaknesses. He will then provide a medical school interview preparation plan tailored to the applicants’ specific needs in order for he/she to ace the traditional interview.

MMI Interview

The MMI interview (mini medical interview) is without question the more laborious medical school interview structure. During this interview an applicant will be presented with both problem solving and critical thinking questions. Dr. Shallit will provide the applicant with mock mmi interview questions. As he/she answers the questions Dr. Shallit will go over each answer and explain what he feels the best answer or solution is. In most cases there is no “right” answer to a mmi interview question. however, Dr. Shallit will provide an in depth assessment of each question and answer. He will then provide an interview preparation plan tailored to the applicants’ specific needs in order for he/she to ace the mmi interview.

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Traditional Interviews

Based on his experience as an admissions committee member Dr. Shallit gives constructive feedback on how to be a memorable candidate. A written summary of each mock interview included with each interview.


MMI Interviews

Dr. Shallit has personally conducted these interviews during his time on the UCLA admissions committee. This interview preparation will give the client an understanding of what to expect when going into the real MMI interview.


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