About Dr. Shallit

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Dr. Shallit earned both his Bachelor of Science and MD at UCLA. After being a board certified radiologist for 30 years, Dr. Shallit now works with future doctors across the country in their pursuit of medical school admission. While the application process is a complex task to prepare for, Dr. Shallit strives to make medical school admission easy. Using his own personal experience, and meticulous approach to medical school selection, Dr. Shallit works with each medical school applicant to help realize their goal of being admitted to medical school.

Dr. Shallit’s most unique qualification is his recent committee membership on the UCLA medical school admissions board. Having worked with the committee of one of the top medical schools in the country, Dr. Shallit is able to provide a unique approach for each medical school applicant. In addition to working with future doctors who are ready to take the next step, Dr Shallit also consults with several pre med undergraduate clubs in Southern California. Dr. Shallit will work diligently with each individual applicant to make their admission to medical school as easy as possible.

Educational History

  • BS, UCLA Microbiology
  • MD, UCLA Medical School
  • Surgery resident, UCLA
  • Radiology residency, UCSF

Medical Career

  • Board certified radiologist, Seattle, Washington
  • Former UCLA Medical School Admissions Committee Member
  • Pre Medical Club Speaker and Lecture Series Host
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor University California Irvine Medical School


"I was recently accepted to medical school. Thank you for your advice. It made all the difference."

- TC

Thank you for helping me with my interview and making my dream come true.

- Sree

Just got accepted to medical school. I'm convinced my MMI prep was key.

- John