Medical School Application Consulting

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Dr. Shallit offers a multi-tiered medical school application process that can be tailored to each applicant’s needs. In your first meeting with Dr. Shallit, he will conduct a general review of your medical school application. The general review of your application includes an evaluation of your cumulative GPA, MCAT score, letters’ of recommendation, and a detailed analysis of your personal statement.

After the general review of your medical school application is complete, Dr. Shallit will advise you on how to ßstrengthen all content, to make it stand out. This includes an in depth evaluation of your extracurricular activities, personal statement strategy and medical school selection. Dr. Shallit will also go over your MCAT and cumulative GPA so that you will have a better idea as to which medical schools best match your application.

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General Review

The general review includes a discussion and review of your GPA, MCAT scores, extra curricular activities, and brief review of your personal statement. Dr. Shallit will share strategies to make the applicant stand out.


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