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During the medical school personal statement editing process, Dr. Shallit will conduct a close review of your personal statement to ensure that it is clear and comprehensive.The personal statement is perhaps the most crucial and subjective product that is considered by the medical school admissions committee. This is your chance to tell your story; to show the committee what makes you different from all other medical school candidates and why you would be a valuable contributor to their upcoming class. Your statement should reflect your individuality and all that motivates you to become a doctor. Dr. Shallit can help you develop, outline, and edit this important story.

After Dr. Shallit has completed his review of your personal statement he will assess not only the creative writing but, the grammar and structure of your thought processes. It is important that your medical school personal statement not only display commitment to the medical field but, it as is important that your personal statement convey passion to become a doctor.

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Personal Statment

The personal statement is the only piece of creative writing in your application and it will be closely read. Dr. Shallit will help you brainstorm, outline and edit your personal story. Price for editing personal statement will vary depending on time needed to finish final draft.



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